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When a tattoo artist visits the Navajo Indian Reservation, what they discover is more than what they negotiate.


Kathleen Martin has lived with the dream of becoming an author since the age of 12. It took 50 years to make this dream come true. Today that dream is finally a reality with the release of her first novel, “Called Back” (published by Balboa Press), a story about time travel and the timeless search for the knowledge the mind needs. to complete the journey of life.

Mike Aul thinks he’s living the good life in Ann Arbor, Michigan. At the age of 35, he worked as a tattoo artist and ran a lucrative business selling his Native American spiritual paintings online. Then a recurring dream reveals the image of an elderly Native American man from the Old West era. Following his instincts, Mike painted the image on canvas and it quickly became one of his best pieces. When the owner of an art gallery in Phoenix invites him to exhibit his work in a Southwestern exhibit, Mike seizes the opportunity and includes the painting of the Old Native American in his collection. His life quickly takes a bizarre turn when a Navajo grandfather named Arthur White Horse visits the Phoenix Gallery and claims the man in the painting is actually an old friend of Mike’s who has been reaching out to him from a past life.

“He’s time traveling with a message for you,” says Arthur. Mike quickly dismisses the old man’s words like Indian gibberish. However, her questions start to mount when the man in the painting suddenly begins to haunt her every move. Who is this mysterious “timeless” friend and what message could he possibly have for a young artist from Michigan? Hoping to find the answers to these questions, Mike accepts Arthur’s invitation to visit him in the Navajo Indian reservation. What he discovers in the mystical land of the Navajo is more than he hoped for, and he returns a very different man.

“According to the Navajo, human consciousness is beginning to awaken to the possibilities of time travel, extraterrestrial ancestors and the paranormal. The ancestral knowledge held by Native American shamans is a message of hope for all humanity. Their stories of how the people of heaven helped save humanity after catastrophic upheaval are as old as time itself. Now is the time to tell their stories to the young before they are lost forever. Our future may depend on them, ”says Martin. When asked what she wants readers to take away from the book, she replies, “That anything is possible if you believe in magic. For more details on the book, please visit


By Kathleen Martin

Hardcover | 6 x 9 inches | 276 pages | ISBN 9781982269548

Soft cover | 6 x 9 inches | 276 pages | ISBN 9781982269531

Electronic book | 276 pages | ISBN 9781982269524

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About the Author

An avid reader, Kathleen Martin lives with her husband in Ohio.

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