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Weekly Bollywood Free, Bhangra Dance Classes Share Indian Culture With Winnipeg


A free weekly dance workshop saw around a dozen students learn Bollywood and Bhangra style dance moves on Sunday mornings.

Those involved in the courses organized by Bulla Arts International say they want more Winnipeggers to attend.

“We have a lot to offer,” said Jastaj Cheema, one of the dancers in Sunday’s class outside of Amber Trails School on Templeton Avenue.

“Even if you don’t know anything about the culture, the dance, you should go out and try it.”

Bollywood dance teacher Aman Kaur said dancing is a good way to learn more about Punjabi culture and language, and both styles bring something different to the table.

“There are very specific steps in bhangra, while [with] Bollywood, you just make your own steps and you go to the music, ”Kaur said.

“It’s basically a fusion of a whole bunch of different dance styles all put together and danced [to] Songs from Bollywood movies. “

Bulla Arts International’s free dance lessons are open to everyone, regardless of culture, age or level of experience. (Travis Golby / CBC)

She said the number of people showing up for Sunday’s class was double the number from last week’s first session – and Kaur hopes to keep that momentum going in the weeks to come.

“All we want to do is get people out of the pandemic and create a fun space for them to move around,” she said.

Dancing is a great way to stay active, says one participant. (Travis Golby / CBC)

Cheema said it was nice to see passers-by stopping to see what the dance lessons were all about. For him, dancing is everything from a way to stay active to a way to connect with his culture.

“It’s just another way of expressing ourselves,” he said.

Bulla Arts International dance classes are open to anyone, regardless of culture, age or level of experience, Kaur said.

Bollywood classes are held for one hour starting at 9 a.m. every Sunday, followed by the bhangra dance the next hour.


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