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We should oppose communalism, not religion: Justice Nagamohan Das

Mysore/Mysore: Expressing concern over the rapid spread of fundamentalism, bigotry and communalism across the country, former High Court Justice Judge HN Nagamohan Das observed that communalism should be opposed, not religion.

He was speaking after inaugurating an interactive meeting on the theme of “Following the Constitution to Save Democracy”, jointly organized by Dalit Sangharsha Samithi (DSS) Okkoota and the Association of Research Students of Mysore University in Vijnana Bhavan at the Manasagangothri campus here on Wednesday.

Arguing that a person who is against the Constitution, democracy and the law runs the state, Justice Das warned that ignoring government actions that go against the Constitution and the rule of law will lead to chaos and disarray in the coming days.

Insisting on the need to save democracy because it is in danger under the current regime, he wondered what we could expect from our deputies, most of whom are very rich and have a criminal past.

Emphasizing that people should be very careful when electing their representatives, Justice Das regretted that key bills affecting people’s lives and livelihoods are passed in Parliament without any debate or discussion.

Senior Journalist Dinesh Amin Mattu, who spoke after the publication of writer Devanur Mahadeva’s book “RSS: Aaala Mattu Agala” (RSS: Its Depth and Breadth), said the book is becoming more increasingly popular day by day due to its content and background of the writer.

Arguing that the book aroused great interest among the public, he opined that Devanur Mahadeva might have won a Nobel Prize if he had written books on topics other than movements and struggles.

Taking on the RSS, he challenged the BJP to solicit votes on behalf of the RSS founders, Hedgewar, Golwalkar and Savarkar. Stating that no one from the RSS had fought for the country’s independence, he ridiculed the RSS for trying to turn the country into a “Hindu Rashtra”.

DSS Chief Bettaiah Kote presided. Dalit Sangharsha leaders Samithi Okkoota, KN Shivalingaiah, Shambulingaswamy, Kallahalli Kumar, UoM Research Students Association President Nataraj Shivanna and others were present.