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Viewers criticize FoodPanda’s ‘Pollywood’ ad for appropriating Indian culture (video)


Update: Foodpanda apologizes for Bollywood-themed video, says it’s “not a Deepavali commercial”

Food delivery platform Foodpanda is criticized for not showcasing any Indian talent in its Bollywood-themed advertising ahead of the Deepavali celebrations.

Hundreds of viewers have accused the platform of cultural appropriation after its “Pollywood” ad released ahead of a major festival for the Indian community featured Indian culture but with an almost entirely Malay cast. The only visible minority representative in the 30-second video was Sean Lee, who is of Chinese descent.

“A real cultural appropriation”, Twitter user Thanasakthinair noted about the video.

“An Indian-style advertisement by a German company, produced for the Malaysian market, not featuring a single person of Indian origin. Did you do your best to go for cultural appropriation, [Foodpanda Malaysia]? ” Willworkforpork noted.

Some thought the video was a joke.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Seven people, including actresses Adibah Noor and Nadia Aqilah, were dressed in colorful traditional Indian costumes and were filmed dancing and singing while promoting Foodpanda’s group orders.

“You don’t know, you can eat together… with the Foodpanda group order,” Adibah sang.

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