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Unlike the West, religion in India has never been anti-science: BJP leader

On Friday, top BJP leader P Muralidhar Rao said there had never been a conflict “between religion and science” in India like there is in the West, because religion in the country is not has “never been anti-science”.

Addressing a session of the state BJP’s three-day program held at the Nanaji Deshmukh Auditorium in Chitrakoot, Rao said, “Our ideology, our principles, our vision and the building of our organization are different from other parties. We rejected capitalism and communism, and imbued ourselves with the feeling of “ekaatma maanaavaad” (integral humanism). The institution has never distinguished between persons and organizations.” Later, speaking to the PTI, he said, “The BJP is a unique party in all respects. It’s a party with a difference. In the context of ideology, we belong to a completely different category. The ideology of all other political parties is imported. It is exogenous. For example, you take communism, socialism or capitalism, all of these philosophies have roots in the West and are the results of the industrial revolution.” Referring to the Renaissance period, he said, ”The movement of the Renaissance was against religion, it was The Church against science. There was a movement against the Church, and it was supported by science. There was a conflict between science and religion (Christianity), whereas in India we never had that situation. This is because in India, religion has never been anti-science. Thus, these philosophies are not relevant and applicable to the Indian context.” V Satish, the national organizer of the party, said training is important to produce disciplined, cultured and dedicated workers across the country.

”An ideology is only good if the people who follow it are well-educated. Although it was under the rule of foreign invaders for thousands of years, Indian nationalism remained alive because our cultural nationalism was alive,” he said.

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