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The population explosion is the problem of the whole country, not of one caste or one religion, says Naqvi | India News

NEW DELHI: Mukhtar Abbas, senior BJP leader and former union minister for minority affairs Naqvi joined the ongoing debate on population control, warning that “population explosion” is a problem that affects the whole country and does not affect any caste or religion. He added that the problem must be addressed through awareness raising.
Naqvi in ​​apparent swipe at party MP Samajwadi Shafiqur Rehman Bark On his remarks that giving birth to a child belongs to the almighty, Naqvi said that some people want to create “unlimited problems under the pretext of Allah’s mercy” on the issue of population control.
Earlier in a late Monday evening tweet, Naqvi had claimed that the problem of the population explosion is not of one religion, but of the country, and that it is not fair to associate it with the caste and religion. While answering questions from the media on Tuesday, Naqvi said, “Population control is not a challenge for any particular caste, but it is a colossal challenge for the whole country and we all need to work together to find a solution. Naqvi added that “no country can ignore or afford the problem of population explosion”.
Naqvi said the effective measures taken by most countries in the world to control the population have yielded positive results. “The peoples of these countries have supported their respective governments and administrations in their efforts to control the increase in population,” he added.
When asked to comment on those who link the population explosion to religion, Naqvi said: “The population explosion is not the problem of one religion but it is a problem of the whole country. Adding to this problem by making religion a security blanket is neither in the interest of the country nor the society. »
Meanwhile, Naqvi has avoided taking a stand or sharing his views on whether a law or uniform standards to control population growth would be helpful in solving the problem. “We all need to step up to raise awareness of the negative impact of the population explosion,” Naqvi reiterated in response to the question.
Monday, on the occasion of “World Population Day”, the Chief Minister of the UP Yogi Adityanath had said that population control was necessary but that it should not lead to a demographic “imbalance”. Yogi warned that disorder and anarchy stem from population imbalance in religious demographics. “Therefore, while carrying out population control programs, we must rise above caste, religion, region, language and implement a common agenda,” he said. he declares. union minister for rural development and panchayati raj, Giriraj Singh resumed his argument in favor of a uniform and strict law to control the population of India.