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Worthy ends by worthy means

He taught us long ago that ideals and goals can never be separated from the methods adopted to achieve them; that worthy ends can only be achieved by worthy means. If we aim for the great things in life, if we dream of India as a great nation giving its age-old message of peace and freedom to others, then we ourselves must be great and worthy children of Mother India. The eyes of the world are on us, watching this birth of freedom in the East and wondering what it means.

Our first and immediate objective must be to put an end to all internal conflicts and violence, which disfigure and degrade us and undermine the cause of freedom. They hinder the examination of the great economic problems of the popular masses, which demand such urgent attention.

Our long submission and the world war and its aftermath caused us to inherit an accumulation of vital problems, and today our people lack food, clothing and other necessities, and we are caught in a spiral. inflation and rising prices. We cannot solve these problems suddenly, but neither can we delay their solution.

Thus, we must plan wisely so that the burdens on the masses can lighten and their standard of living rises. We do not wish any harm on anyone, but it must be clearly understood that the interests of our long-suffering masses must come first and that any entrenched interest that comes their way must give way to them.

We must quickly change our archaic land tenure system, and we must also promote large-scale and balanced industrialization, in order to add to the wealth of the country, and therefore to the national dividend which can be fairly distributed.

Food, dams and irrigation

Production is the first priority today, and any attempt to hamper or decrease production harms the nation, and more particularly our working masses. But production alone is not enough, as it can lead to an even greater concentration of wealth in a few hands, which hinders progress and which, in today’s context, produces instability and disruption. Conflicts. Therefore, fair and equitable distribution is essential for any solution to the problem.

The Government of India currently has several large river valley development projects in hand by controlling the flow of rivers, constructing dams and reservoirs and irrigation works, and developing hydroelectric power. These will lead to greater food production and industry growth and overall development. These diagrams are therefore the basis of all planning and we intend to complete them as quickly as possible so that the masses can benefit from them.

No time to argue

All this requires peaceful conditions and the cooperation of all concerned, as well as hard and continuous work. Let us therefore address ourselves to these great and worthy tasks and forget our quarrels and mutual conflicts. There is a time for strife and there is a time for cooperative effort. There is a time to work and there is a time to play. Today there is no time to quarrel or to gamble too much, unless we are wrong with our country and our people. Today we have to cooperate with each other and work together, and work with good will.

I would like to address a few words to our Civil and Military Services. The old distinctions and differences are gone and today we are all free sons and daughters of India, proud of our country’s freedom and united in our service to it. Our common allegiances are with India. In the difficult days ahead, our Services and experts have a vital role to play and we invite them to do so as comrades in the service of India.



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