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Singer Farmani Naaz says “Music has no religion”

Famous Indian Idol 12 singer Farmani Naaz has sparked controversy for her latest song Har Har Shambhu. The singer has drawn the ire of some Muslim clerics for her performance of a devotional song dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Recently, the singer released Sawan and Kanwar Yatra’s song of the month. The track received mixed reactions from the audience and it garnered over 9 lakh views on YouTube. While many praised the song, but a section of Muslim clerics criticized the singer and accused her of hurting religious feelings. A Deoband-based cleric recently slammed the singer saying singing or dancing is haram in Islam. The cleric also claimed that Islam does not allow the singing of devotional songs for other religions.

The singer, who has over 3.8 million YouTube subscribers, has now reacted to the controversy and said music has no religion.

The singer shared a message on her YouTube channel, which read, “Singing or music has no religion. Legendary singers like Master Saleem, Mohammed Rafi Saab sang bhajans and I ask everyone not to link the chant or the songs to any religion.

Farmani is a single mother from Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh who is known for her melodious voice and she has built up a good fanbase for herself. Farmani caused a stir on the internet a few years ago when a youth from her village recorded a video of her singing and uploaded it to social media. The video went viral. She also participated in Indian Idol 12 in 2021 which aired on Sony TV. The judges applauded her for her voice and her humility. Unfortunately, she had to return in the middle of the show because her son’s health was deteriorating.

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