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See how the festive occasions that go beyond religion and that we love


Let’s see how festivals unite people !!

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As Indians we have the opportunity to encounter countless such extraordinary events due to our diversity of identity, culture, customs and religion and everything is here for the world to appreciate. Celebrations in India are a universe unto themselves with colors, sounds, smells, tastes and sensations that interface with each other and elicit a sense of satisfaction and harmony.

Over time we see something being praised and no matter how serious the celebration or event is, festivals are always on a great scale. All things considered, no good excuse to be together and love each other in the midst of busy schedules and distance can be allowed like this!

Let’s celebrate festive occasions together !!!

The celebrations will be festivities of the way of life, heritage and customs of the nation or place. These are the minutes when the place and the people sparkle in their most beautiful way. Celebrations in India are also about finding loved ones and taking a break from the furious way of life everyone is entangled in. These celebrations are also a way to inscribe the new era in our rich culture and to educate for solidarity and humanity. Yet the celebrations are not just about customs or even the seasons – where the seasons are congratulated as they earn bounties in fundraising, like Baisakhi – but sports and writing are also celebrated wonderfully. Cricket is a frenetic and scholarly celebration towards the start of the year and that is what makes the winter warmer. Jaipur Literary Festival is the biggest festival of writing in the world. Truth be told, you can observe a touch of world practices in every corner of India during the celebrations we celebrate.

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