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Israeli Ambassador Naor Gilon said on Thursday that the Pegasus espionage issue was an internal Indian affair.

The NSO is a private company and it is licensed to sell its software to government entities only, he added.

Gilon said: “This is an internal problem in India and I cannot speak beyond this point. This is the only main requirement that… under the requirements, they cannot sell it to non-governmental actors “.

Responding to a question about whether the Indian government would contact them, he said he had no idea whether the Indian government had contacted them or not.

Referring to the explosion that took place last year near the Israeli embassy in Delhi, he said the perpetrators had not yet been arrested; however, the investigative agencies of the two countries cooperate with each other.

“We are grateful to the Indian government for ensuring the safety of all Embassy staff,” Gilon said.

Speaking of the newly formed quadrangle with Israel, India, the United States and the United Arab Emirates, the Ambassador said that it is totally an economic forum based on mutual cooperation among the participating countries.

“It has nothing to do with the military component at the moment,” he added.

Speaking about Afghanistan, Gilon said the country should not be used for extremism.

“There should be no violation of human rights and women and children should not suffer there,” he commented.

By saying that Israel is a technologically sound country but that it cannot go for industrial manufacturing, the partnership between India and Israel can work better for industrial productions.

Sharing details of the recently concluded visit of Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, he said the visit had been particularly successful in terms of bilateral relations.

Jaishankar met all the important ministers of the Israeli government and also met the Indian diaspora, the Indian Jews who recently settled there.

“It was a very warm, very friendly visit which I think underscored the strategic partnership declared during Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s visit to Israel. I think the visit was in honor of 30 years of diplomatic relations. which we will be celebrating on January 29 of next year, ”added Gilon. (IANS / JB)

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