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PM Modi at the Summit for Democracy

Dec 10 2021 18:39 STI

New Delhi [India], Dec 10 (ANI): Stressing that the democratic spirit is an integral part of India’s civilizational ethics, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said centuries of colonial rule have failed to suppress the democratic spirit of India. indian people.
“Elected Republican city-states such as Licchavi, Shakya flourished in India 2,500 years ago. The same democratic spirit is found in the 10th century Uttaramerur inscription which codified the principles of democratic participation,” said virtually Prime Minister Modi during his summit speech. for Democracy hosted by US President Joe Biden on Friday.
Stressing that these “democratic spirits and ethics had made ancient India one of the most prosperous,” he said, adding that “centuries of colonial rule could not suppress the democratic spirit of the people Indian”.
“This was again fully expressed with the independence of India and was an unprecedented history in building a democratic nation over the past 75 years,” he added.
It is a story of unprecedented socio-economic inclusion in all fields, said the Prime Minister, stressing: “It is a story of constant improvements in health, education and human well-being. on an unimaginable scale.
The story of India has a clear message to the world that democracy can deliver, that democracy has delivered and that democracy will continue to deliver, Prime Minister Modi said.
Stressing that structural features such as multiparty elections, independent justice and free media are important instruments of democracy, he said that the fundamental strength of democracy lies in the spirit and ethics that animate our citizens and our societies.
“Democracy is not only from the people by the people for the people but also with the people and within the people,” added Prime Minister Modi, addressing the summit, which US President Joe Biden launched on Thursday. (local hour).
The summit focused on the challenges and opportunities facing democracies and provided a platform for leaders to announce individual and collective commitments, reforms and initiatives to defend democracy and human rights. at home and abroad.
President Joe Biden on Thursday took another step forward in his plans to promote democracy against rising autocracies by convening a virtual “Democracy Summit”, which hosted more than 100 participants representing governments, civil society and leaders of the private sector.
US President Joe Biden on Thursday invoked Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela by referring to the work of Congressman John Lewis, a civil rights activist, during his opening speech at the Democracy Summit.
He said Congressman John Lewis was a great champion of democracy and civil rights around the world and drew inspiration from other great leaders – Gandhi and Mandela.

“Democracies are not all the same. We do not agree on everything. But the choices that we will make today together will define, in my way, the course of our common future for generations to come”, Biden said. .

“Congressman John Lewis was a great champion of American democracy and civil rights around the world, learning and drawing inspiration from other great leaders like Gandhi and Mandela. Ultimately, when he was dying, he was reminded our country when he said ‘Democracy is not a state, it is an act’, he added.

Biden said democracies must stand up for the values ​​that define us. (ANI)