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PM breaks Indian relations: Rahul Gandhi | India News

MALAPURRAM: Wayanad Congressman Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of severing people-to-people relations and “bridges” and said this leads to the “shattering” of the idea of ​​India .
Rahul Gandhi, in Kerala for a day, also alleged that it was “arrogance” on the part of the Prime Minister to claim that he alone knows or understands India and no one else, especially when he has makes allegations without learning about the culture, language, way of life and issues of peoples of different states and religions.
Congress President, speaking at the inauguration of a dialysis center in Kerala’s Malappuram district, said India was not just a geographic territory, it was the people who lived there and the relationships they have with each other.
“My problem with the Prime Minister is that he breaks these relations. If he breaks the relations between the Indian peoples, then he shatters the idea of ​​India. That is why I oppose him. “, did he declare.
“When he (PM) breaks relations between Indians, it is my duty, my job, my commitment to mend the bridges between peoples. Whenever he uses hatred to break bridges, it is my duty to mend them with love and compassion, “he added.
The congressman further stated that he could not build bridges without understanding the different traditions, ideas, religions and cultures of the country and for that one had to visit the different states and religious places of the country with humility and will. to understand.
“If I go to these places with arrogance, then I’m a fool. How can I go to the people of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, who have a history of thousands of years, and claim to know them. I have to go. with humility. How else can I define what India is? ”
“Imagine the arrogance of this person who claims – ‘I know what India is. I know what the people of Kerala need. I know what the people of Tamil Nadu need. Imagine the arrogance of such a person who claims that only he knows what India is and what the Indian people need. This is another problem I have with Prime Minister Modi. He is convinced that no one understands this land like him, ”said the congressman.
Therefore, the fight here is between humility and arrogance, between temperament and compassion, between self-interest and the well-being of others, he added.

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