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Onam festival celebrates Indian culture – Bundaberg Now


The Onam Festival was celebrated on Saturday at the Civic Center in Bundaberg.

The Civic Center has been transformed into a celebration of culture, color, food, and weekend fun with over 300 people attending the annual Onam Festival.

Hosted by the Bundaberg Indian Malayan Association, the event is a celebration derived from Kerala and is the official state holiday.

According to mythology, the Onam festival is celebrated in honor of the beloved and beloved demon king Mahabali, who is said to be back in Kerala during this festival season to visit people.

“Even though Onam is primarily a Hindu festival, non-Hindu communities also celebrate Onam,” said Neenu Amal, member of BIMA.

“It is seen more as a cultural festival that is inclusive than a religious festival.

“To mark this auspicious day, people draw carpets of flowers called Pookkalam near their doors to welcome Mahabali.”

Neenu said 300 people attended this year’s local festivities in the Bundaberg region.

The event included Onasadya (party), Pulikali (tiger dances), tug of war, Thumbi Thullal (dance of women), Kummatikali (dance of masks), Onathallu (martial arts), Vallamkali (boat races) and d ‘other celebrations.

“As a community, we celebrate this event every year and the community group members invite their friends and relatives to the celebration,” Neenu said.

“Each year, many people from outside the community come to attend the cultural celebration and join us.

“It is a celebration of humanity and unity and beyond the borders of religion people celebrate humanity.”

Onam Bundaberg Day
The weekend Onam festival was a celebration of Indian culture, held at the Civic Center.

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