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Nirmala Kamad, who made disparaging remarks about the Hindu religion, has been jailed

Jaipur: Nirmala Kamad, a teacher who distributed anti-Hindu books to children at a public school in Bhilwara district in Rajasthan, has been jailed. The teacher appeared in court after being arrested. Where the court categorically refused to grant him bail. The action against this teacher was taken after the protest of the parents. The students had accused the teacher of making derogatory remarks about Hindu gods and goddesses.

Speaking to the media, Asind SHO Harish confirmed the arrest of Nirmala Kamad. According to him, Nirmala was charged under Articles 295 and 505 IPC. According to the media, Nirmala Kamad is currently in prison. On March 2, students and their families demonstrated outside the school against Nirmala Kamad. She is accused not only of distributing a book called “Hinduism Dharma or Kalank” to children, but also of forcing them to read it. It is alleged that Nirmala also threatened the protesters with filing charges under the SC/ST Act. There is also a request for the suspension of Nirmala Kamad. The Department of National Education is also investigating the matter.

The book that Nirmala was distributing was published by Samta Publications of Nagpur. On the cover, former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru reportedly said, “Hinduism is definitely neither liberal nor tolerant. There is no narrower person in the world than a Hindu. A student video on the subject has also surfaced. he said: “The professor was distributing books.” She used to say take this book, everything in the spirit will go away. She preached another religion in the class. She used to tell us that Brahma ji is not a god. Brahma raped his daughter. Ram ji is not Dashrath’s son. ‘

Nirmala Kamad is a public school teacher in Ruppura village, Asind area of ​​Bhilwara. She called the case a conspiracy against her. According to her, everyone is jealous of her lifestyle and dress, etc. This is why such allegations were made against her.

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