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New ‘area of ​​known wolf activity’ designated at Warm Springs Indian Reservation

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) — A new AKWA (area of ​​known wolf activity) has been designated at the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in Oregon’s North Cascades, the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife announced Monday. Oregon wildlife.

Two wolves were first discovered in December by biologists from the Warm Springs Confederate Tribe, the ODFW said.

After no sign for a while, two pups were captured by a trail camera in August, proving wolves still reside in the area. If the pack still has at least four wolves by the end of 2022, the pack will be named the Warm Springs Pack, the agency said.

All locations documented so far are within the CTWS Indian Reservation.

AKWAs are created where and when wolves have established themselves, meaning that an area is used repeatedly over time by the same wolves and not just by the dispersal of wolves moving through the area. Cascade wolves are protected under federal endangered species law.

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