Indian culture

National library to download books about Indian culture from the web


As part of its awareness campaign for younger generation readers, the National Library plans to upload to the web a selected portion of its large collection, including books on Indian culture, a senior official said on Tuesday.

Of the 20 strange books in his possession, 5,000 titles from the Indian Culture section will be uploaded to the web in the coming months, the new officiating director, the general, told reporters. “In the age of information and communication technologies, the National Library strives to adopt world-class support and service for its users around the world to ensure access to digital content” said the new incumbent chief executive Prof Ajay Pratap Singh.

The website will be dynamic with the National Mission on Libraries India, an initiative of the Indian government’s Ministry of Culture, to take care of the fundraising part, said Singh, also managing director of the Raja Rammohan Library Foundation. When asked why the current National Library website would not be used, he said, the current site will not be able to support it.

To reorganize the work of the National Library, it is planned to soon open its closed city center in the Esplanade district, with the best possible information and communication.
technological support. The city center, which was an extension of the main library premises in the Alipore district, has been closed since 2004.

There used to be newspapers and periodicals for people who came to the heart of the city. “It will be a section of the National Library with the best cutting-edge technology possible where people, including young adults, have electronics-based services, a place where traditional library services are mixed with the latest news. -age technology, ”Singh said at a press conference here.

He said a committee of experts in library science, technology experts and other fields was being formed to give more momentum to the project while NMLI would provide financial support.

Asked about the culmination of the proposed initiative given that libraries like the British Council Library and the American Center in nearby areas also have cutting edge technology, Singh said “while the ones you mentioned have their software Developed years ago, our information and communication technology network be based on our Indian conditions, personalized and developed by our experts ”.

He said that as part of the multitude of initiatives to make the National Library more functional, contemporary, modernized and inclusive, reflecting the diversity of Indian culture, publications in eight Indian languages ​​will be included in the library as well as its existing collection in 14 languages. .

“We will introduce eight new sections to develop repositories in Sindhi, Konkani, Manipuri, Nepalese, Bodo, Dogri, Maithili and Santhali,” he said.

“The National Library of India has maintained repositories of 14 languages ​​programmed for many years under the Book and Newspaper Delivery Act 1954, revised in 1956. The eighth program includes 22 official languages. Given the stature of the 22 official languages, we are going to introduce these eight new sections, ”he said.

Singh said a lithographic exhibit, the first in Calcutta, largely made up of Ashutosh Mukherjee’s collections, depicting images of the Old Town, will hopefully be on display by next month depending on restrictions. COVID-19 or whenever the situation becomes right.

The approximately 140-150 illustrated collections include a photo of the Governor General’s official residence under British rule, the Garden Reach area, and a Hindu temple near Strand Road.

The library also aimed to strengthen the reprographic section by installing state-of-the-art self-automated ICT devices compatible with e-money transfer, in particular to help researchers revise the law on book delivery to make sending mandatory. a copy of every publication in India. and each India-specific publication to the world to the National Library and revamp the existing section for children, he said. To a question, Singh asserted that the plans would be implemented as soon as possible.

The National Library has decided to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Independence Day celebrations in August this year with all these outreach programs that will enable it to reach out to citizens through books, newspapers, rare documents and digital resources. “Psychologically, we want all of our programs to be ready before that date. Hopefully we can run them by then. If this is not possible, we will try to do
things are happening as soon as possible, ”he added.