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Killings in the name of religion

Killings in the name of religion

Omkar Dattatray

It is the irony of this country and it is very sad that the dance of death and chaos continues unabated. Bloodshed and the spilling of innocent human blood is taking place in different parts of the country ostensibly in the name of religion as if religions teach and glorify violence. It is not understood that if innocent killings of people, men and women, young and old in the name of religion, will give strength to the religion for which the radicalized and indoctrinated youth of the minority community engage in sadistic murders of innocent people. No religion in the world justifies the killing of people and more so the religion of Islam forbids its followers to refrain from killing people and that too in the name of religion. The religious message and sermons will not be spread using violence and murder in the most brutal manner by the followers of the religion of Islam and so the devotees should refrain from ki of the innocent. Since no religion teaches violence and murder, followers of religions should stop killing people, even opponents, because all people in the world are one and should live as brothers and sisters. The religion of Islam commands its followers not to kill innocent people and not to kill even your detractors and people who profess another faith. Thus, jihadists and radicalized youth should not allow themselves to shed innocent human blood in the name of religion. The killing of the people has no justification in any religion and therefore the crusaders of the so called Jehad should again refrain from killing the people in the name of religion. Brutal and barbaric murders have no place in our democracy and liberal society and as such these murders are unacceptable as they discredit the religion of people who resort to wanton murders of the innocents of others religions. The killing of people in the name of religion is prohibited by all religions in the world and the religion of Islam does not permit its followers to engage in the heinous crime of committing the killing of people simply because they profess a other faith and are not followers of Islam. Thus, the radical and indoctrinated youth of the minority community should not resort to the infamous game of killing the people because the killing of innocents has no place in Islam. So all those people who kill innocent men and women in the name of religion are the enemies of religion and almighty God will never forgive such killers of the people and therefore those radicalized young people who are intoxicated by opium of religion should again refrain from killing the people in the name of religion. No religion will be strengthened by resorting to killing people of other religions. In fact, the religions of these radicalized young people will weaken with the killings that go on indiscriminately in the name of religion. What is happening in different parts of the country is very shameful and such killings should not take place at all and vitiate the peaceful atmosphere. the so-called jihad crusaders should stop the killing of the innocent. The radicalized and brainwashed youths of the Muslim community are carrying out sadistic killings of innocent and unarmed people who also in the name of religion and such killings are against the religion of Islam and therefore the young men of the community minority should refrain from killing people in the name of religion. The killing of innocent people and the killing of people of other faiths is against the religious tenets of Islam and as such such killings are unacceptable and should not take place at all. Such killings only discredit and discredit Islam and therefore such killings should not take place at all. Killing of unarmed and innocent people is forbidden in Islam and therefore radicalized youth should refrain from killing people and that too in the name of religion. radicalized Muslim youth are busy threatening and giving warnings to a number of people from the majority community in different states of India. the murders create fear, panic and fear in the majority community. The same modus operandi is used by the indoctrinated young people of the Muslim community to kill people belonging to the Hindu community. An atmosphere of fear psychosis is created so that in various parts of the country feel insecurity and fear and refrain from expressing their opinions in favor of the Hindu community and also keeping their distance from controversial talk of Nupur Sharma otherwise face the same consequences as in the case of Udaipur and Amravati where the victims were beheaded in the most brutal way. It is regrettable that a number of people belonging to the Hindu community are threatened and warned of beheading if they express their opinions in support of Nupur Sharma and the Hindus. The environment of fear and insecurity as well as panic is created to scare Hindus into refraining from expressing their opinions in social media and thus the right of expression is trampled by the crusaders of the self -saying Jihad and it is the antithesis of democracy and the liberal way of life. The radicalized youths of the Muslim community have grown bolder and are engaged in beheading Hindu victims in different places in India under orders from Pakistan. The carnage of Udaipur and the incident of Amravati have similarity as both incidents happened similarly Kanaya Lal gorge of Udaipur and Umesh Kohli gorge of Amravati were silty then they were decapitated. These incidents show how low the radical elements have gone as both incidents are unprecedented and have no parallels anywhere. Innocent killers work and commit heinous crimes at the behest and orders of their mentors in Pakistan. The radical elements of the Muslim commit such barbaric crimes to create and organize communal unrest in the country, but the majority community is very tolerant and does not fall prey to the machinations of the radicalized youth of the minority community. The radicalized youth of the Muslim community should be reserved under the law and after speedy legal proceedings, the death sentence should be imposed on the perpetrators of the despicable murders of Kanaya Lal of Udaipur and Omesh Kohli of Amravati. The Home Secretary did well to hand over these two cases for investigation to the NIA and it commenced its operation and both cases were filed under UAPA and other ICC articles are applicable d that severe penalties be meted out to those implicated in these heinous crimes. The Home Secretary has acted on MP Navneet Rana’s letter of complaint over the murder of Umesh Kohli as the incident occurred on 21st June and was kept secret for ten days and was said to be a case of robbery by Amravati police and it was only after the change of government in Maharashtra and after the case was handed over to the NIA that the Amravati Police Commissioner took the killing as an act of terrorism. The role of the Amravati CP should also be probed as requested by MP Navneet Rana as it was under her command that the incident was deemed a routine theft. The terrorist angle and the Pakistani angle in these two cases should also be studied by the NIA. Earlier in the state of Karnataka, a Hindu activist named Harsha Hindu was killed for speaking out on the hijab controversy. Apart from these incidents, other incidents have taken place in the past where young Hindus have been killed to create fear and panic in the majority community. To conclude, it can be said that those who have been arrested should be sentenced to severe death penalty as demanded by family members of tailor Kanaya Lal from Ud aipur and Umesh Kohli from Amravati as well as protesters. This will create a sense of fear among the radicalized young people and they will refrain from committing such crimes in the future and others will not dare to commit such barbaric crimes either. The law and order situation in various parts of the country is very weak and the government should crack down on the radicalized youth so that such barbaric crimes do not happen again in the future.

(The author is a columnist and social activist)

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