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Kazakh nationals show their love for Indian culture, traditions and more

By Ayushi Agarwal The Swami Vivekananda Cultural Center in Astana organizes various actions to strengthen the links between the 2 international sites through tradition and Indian traditions.

Central Asia is a region rich in history with a mixture of identities and ethnicities, a variety of environments and traditions. Amid glistening mountains, high plateaus, lakes, historic towns and taller buildings, one factor that stands out for nationals of Kazakhstan is the love for Indian culture and traditions. Established in the 12 months of 1994, the main objective of the cultural center is to facilitate cultural actions and educational cooperation which strengthen India‘s centuries-old collaboration between India and Kazakhstan. Through its actions, the center intends to strengthen the human link between the two international sites. India also offers scholarships in various disciplines under the ICCR scholarship programs for students from Kazakhstan.

“About 200 Kazakh nationals come to do activities here. We want to get in touch with people here in Kazakhstan and make them aware of Indian culture and traditions,” said director of the Astana cultural center, Sanjay Vedi. Nationals of Kazakhstan take joint classes in Indian dance and music and observe yoga which is an integral part of historical Indian cultural heritage.

“I love to sing Hindi songs and I really like Indian culture and tradition. I would like to learn more Hindi,” said a Kazakh from the country who practices Hindi singing in the center. “I have an admiration for Indian instruments like tabla and I like dancing to Indian classical songs,” said another country from Kazakhstan.

The relationship between India and Kazakhstan is historic and dates back over 2000 years. There was an incessant and steady circulation of trade in items and, more importantly, the alternation of ideas and cultural influences. The circulation of Buddhism from India to Central Asia and Sufi concepts from Central Asia to India are two examples.

The dimension of the Indian quarter is about 5,300 in Kazakhstan. India was one of the first international countries to recognize Kazakhstan’s independence with diplomatic relations established in February 1992. (ANI)

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Kazakh nationals show their love for Indian tradition, traditions

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Kazakh nationals show their love for Indian tradition, traditions

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Kazakh nationals show their love for Indian tradition, traditions

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