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Japanese YouTube music video insults Indian culture

A Japanese YouTube channel posted a music video on May 5, 2021, which poked fun at Indian culture.

Candy Fox has over a million subscribers and usually posts funny music videos.

However, their latest video, titled “Curry Police”, received a lot of criticism from Indian viewers.

Viewers criticized the channel for promoting stereotypical images of Indians.

Widespread public criticism forced the creator to remove the video.

However, many other channels have re-uploaded the deleted video and as a result, the video is still circulating on social media.

The music video showed two men dressed in Rajasthani clothes who are mad curry lovers.

The main character of the video goes on to mention that he has never eaten anything but curry and if he did, he would be dancing naked.

He then proceeds to eat a burger when he can’t find curry and ends up dancing naked.

The man then declares that he wishes to travel around the world to serve people curry.

He and his friend then start sailing on a rowboat to Japan and reach the country 20 years later.

The men then create a Japanese restaurant dedicated to curry.

The video later shows that Japanese people also love curry and line up all night outside this restaurant.

Although the song and music video lack deep meaning and were made with light humor, they received huge backlash from viewers.

The reason for the backlash was that Indians were portrayed in a stereotypical light of being curry-obsessed.

Many Indian and Japanese YouTubers have uploaded “curry police” reaction or roasting videos.

Namastey Kohei, the popular Japanese YouTuber known for playing Hindi songs on the violin, was also trolled for appearing in the video.

Candy Fox closed another video on May 7, 2021, with an official statement of apology.

The creator goes on to say that he loves India and watches Indian comedy videos. He said he created the video just for entertainment. He said:

“The video was meant to entertain you. However, my ignorance produced the opposite result.

“I certainly regret my careless behavior and attempt at humor.

“I will continue to learn more about Indian culture and values ​​and try to create something worth laughing about in the future.

“Please believe that I truly respect your culture and have no intention of offending any of you.”

He ends his statement by saying:

“My deepest and most sincere apologies.”

Namastey Kohei also apologized for being part of the video.

However, he explained that he was asked to appear in the video and was not fully aware of the plot. He further explained:

“The video was shot in India and was directed by a local Indian.”

Despite this, Candy Fox and Namastey Kohei apologized for being insensitive.

Viewers accepted the apology. Popular Indian rapper Raftaar also thanked the creator for taking down the video. He said:

“Thank you for deleting the video.

“We need strong Asian unity right now.”

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