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India’s K-Fication: Indians are now getting married the Korean way

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Korean culture and its impact are now impossible to ignore. The whole world is being swept away by the cultural cyclone that South Korea has provided. There isn’t a single Gen Z or Millennial who doesn’t know what K-Pop is like or has never watched a K-drama scene and in India, a country that adapts to all cultures, the madness about Korean culture is very important. . The latest reflection was seen at the Korean cultural festival, ‘Dhaba Rank‘ in Delhi on Saturday. The Korean music and entertainment fandom just celebrated their first Korean wedding at the festival. A couple, married for 20 years, renewed their Korean-style wedding vows at the festival.

Jyoti and Vishal Gupta, the couple who have daughters who are die hard for Korean culture, had pushed them to do it the Korean way. Although the rituals were performed by an Indian. The whole ceremony was over in just 30 minutes and was extremely simple as if someone had oversimplified the “big indian wedding” and a simpler, shorter version came out.

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Speaking from the experience, Visal Gupta, the groom said, “At first we were reluctant. It was a working day. But we were surprised how much we enjoyed the whole experience,” the 45-year-old telecommunications engineer added that their wedding was the shortened version of the original Korean “all day” wedding. The attire also followed the traditional Korean wedding style where the groom wore blue and the bride wore red silk.

Korea Rank‘ is a two-day affair which is the largest Korean cultural festival in India. The wedding took place at the DLF mall in Delhi where the wedding watchers were mostly young Indians. The festival is organized by the Korean Cultural Center India (KCCI), marking its 10th anniversary this year. The event was a demonstration of spreading Korea’s sweet cultural seed in Indian society. The whole festival was dedicated to Korean dress, calligraphy, not to mention K-Pop, K-Food and a demonstration of the Korean martial art, taekwondo.

The wedding was the highlight of the two-day event. It also inspired Amratha Kong and Hyunbin Kong, the interracial couple who met through a language exchange app and got married in Kerala after Hindu rituals in January this year to wed for the second time. Korean style.

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