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Indian culture making its mark in Argentina, says PM Modi

‘Mann ki Baat’, PM Modi’s monthly radio address, airs on the last Sunday of every month.

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that Indian culture was highly valued in Argentina during the first episode of this year’s “Mann Ki Baat”.

In his address, the Prime Minister mentioned the contributions of the Hastinapur Foundation in Argentina.

“Today I am going to tell you about the Indian culture that is making its mark in Argentina. Our culture is highly valued in Argentina. In 2018, when I visited Argentina, I participated in a yoga program – “Yoga for peace”. There is one in Argentina – Hastinapur Foundation. You will be surprised to hear… where is Argentina going… and Hastinapur Foundation there too! This foundation is involved in spreading Indian Vedic traditions in Argentina,” Prime Minister Modi said.

“It was founded 40 years ago by a lady, Professor Aida Albrecht. Professor Aida Albrecht will be 90 today. It is also very interesting how her association with India has unfolded. At the age of 18, she was first introduced to the power of Indian culture. She also spent a lot of time in India. She studied the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads in depth. Today, the Hastinapur Foundation has more than 40,000 members and around 30 branches in Argentina and other Latin American countries, the prime minister said.

He said the Hastinapur Foundation has also published over 100 Vedic and philosophical texts in Spanish. “His ashram is also very enchanting. Twelve temples have been built in the ashram, in which there are the idols of many gods and goddesses. There is also a temple in the center of all this which has been built for Advaitwadi Dhyan”, he added. .

The Prime Minister in his monthly address today said that the diverse colors and spiritual strength of Indian culture have always attracted people from all over the world.

“If I tell you that Indian culture is very popular in America, Canada, Dubai, Singapore, Western Europe and Japan, you will find it very common; you will not be surprised. But, if I say that Indian culture has a big appeal in Latin America and South America too, you’ll definitely think about it once.Whether it’s promoting Khadi in Mexico or trying to popularize Indian traditions in Brazil, we’ve covered those topics earlier in ‘Mann Ki Baat’,” he said.

“Mann ki Baat” is the Prime Minister’s monthly radio address, broadcast on the last Sunday of each month. The program will be broadcast across AIR and Doordarshan’s entire network as well as AIR News and the mobile app. The first episode of the show aired on October 3, 2014.