Indian culture

Indian culture lights up the back streets of Liverpool on Starry Sari Night

Strong points
  • Starry Sari Night in Liverpool provided an opportunity for local businesses to showcase their offerings in glamorous style.
  • The event returned to the community after six years.
  • People thronged to the festival despite the rainy weather.
The festival, which took place in Sydney’s western suburbs from May 20-22, was a complete light-camera-action package.
Highlighting the diverse cultures of the Indian subcontinent, the event also celebrated the re-opening of markets and drew large crowds despite persistent rains.
The main attraction of the event was the fashion show showcasing all the glitz and glamor of Indian design.

Models run the ramp showcasing the creations of local business owners on Starry Sari Night. Source: Hindi SBS

Altaf Hussain, affectionately known as ‘Altaf Tailor’, started his business in Liverpool after completing his fashion design course. He designed special clothes for the event and asked his clients to model for him.
“After COVID-19, businesses and customers needed this kind of boost. It was a great opportunity to connect with old customers and attract new ones from across Australia,” said he declared.
Models run the ramp showcasing the creations of local business owners on Starry Sari Night.

Models run the ramp showcasing the creations of local business owners on Starry Sari Night. Source: Hindi SBS

Heena Surti launched her Indian clothing and jewelery business in Liverpool in 2010. Her daughter, Yukta, starred in her collection at the fashion show.
She said, “It took us months to design and prepare the entire collection for our fashion show. My team has supported me throughout this journey. I feel great today.”
Starry Sari Night

Visitors have fun in front of the fashion show ramp during Starry Sari Night. Source: Hindi SBS

Mr Hussain and Ms Surti agreed Starry Sari Night was just the boost Liverpool’s economy needed at this time.
Starry Sari Night

Pav Dharia performs at Starry Sari Night. Source: Hindi SBS

Pav Dharia is an internet sensation among young Hindi-Punjabi music lovers in Australia. He had settled in Liverpool on his first migration to Australia.
The pop singer was the headliner of the evening.
“It’s nostalgic to return to the Liverpool community and perform here. The pandemic has been difficult for everyone, especially the artists, but now is the time to look to the future,” a- he declared.
Starry Sari Night

Dancers from the Ekta Creative Dance Studio just before performing a classical Bengali dance at the festival. Source: Hindi SBS

As a captivated crowd feasted on Pav’s music, restaurateur Ramji said the event brought him many new customers.

“The pandemic has left us relying solely on our loyal clientele and deliveries. This event has attracted foodies from all over Sydney which has given us a whole new clientele.”

Liverpool resident Trisha attended the event for the first time. She was there to support a friend who was taking part in the fashion show.
Starry Sari Night

Trisha and her group of friends attended the Starry Sari Night festival for the first time. Source: Hindi SBS

Meanwhile, Rukeshma attended this event for the second time.
Both felt it was a great opportunity to immerse themselves in the cultures of the Indian subcontinent.
“The colors and the ‘swoosh’ of the dresses here are amazing! I love it!” Trisha said.

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