Indian culture

Indian artist explores ancient India and Indian culture using AI

Indian temples are known to elicit the best in architecture. It carries stories of generations and is a fascination for many. So when AI predictions, such as the last selfie on earth and the “As if Nothing Happened” series of AI projects, become popular, Indian AI artist Riya Srivastava has predicts what ancient India might look like.

Her admiration for Indian temples inspired Riya to come up with the concept of ‘Sone Ki Chidiya’ (the golden bird). The AI-generated images of Riya have taken social media by storm and received rave reviews from followers around the world.

It’s only been two months since she transitioned from traditional art and painting to AI art. “My first attempt with AI went viral. I take that as a sign that I need to keep working on it.” Said Riya in a conversation with INDIAai.

Image: Riya’s AI-generated art

Meet the AI

After graduating, Riya started working as a product designer. His interest and expertise in traditional art gradually shifted to digital art. She later decided to pursue AI art as it gained momentum on LinkedIn. She enlisted Midjourney’s help in developing the artwork.

“It’s like going down a rabbit hole. We experiment with different shapes, changes, wordings, etc., to see the kind of images that Midjourney generates,” Riya explains.

Riya finds Midjourney to be a user-friendly website. Creative adjectives can produce imaginative Midjourney results. “A detailed user guide is published on the Midjourney website. It only took me half an hour to figure it out,” she added.

Besides Midjourney, there are websites like Stable Diffusion, NightCafe Creator and many others that generate images using AI.

Image: AI Artist Riya Srivastava

Is this real?

AI-generated artworks are exciting and engaging. The artistic thought of the creators leads to the birth of images that we would never have thought of. However, one question prevails in all our hearts: are these images genuine?

Riya has an answer to that. These images are only a representation of the artist’s vision. AI-generated images are unlikely to be historically accurate.

“These are just for fun. These pictures are fun to watch. It doesn’t have to be real.” Riya said.

AI influence

Riya has a clear stance on ongoing disputes over copyright claims to AI artwork. According to her, AI cannot generate results without human intervention.

“AI might not have come up with a concept from ancient India. Likewise, in every AI-enhanced project, a human hand is inevitable.” She speaks.

Image: Riya’s AI-generated art

Vision for change

Riya has a unique vision: to change people’s lives through design. She believes working in product design fulfills her dream of impacting the lives around her.

“While browsing social media, if you come across the images I generated, I want you to take 10 seconds to look at them,” Riya says. “I’m sure you’ll find yourself there. Because at one time we were all curious about ancient India.”

Using AI, Riya looks forward to exploring ancient India and Indian culture. She is set to release her next set of Navratri-based AI-generated art in the coming days.

Image: Riya’s AI-generated art