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India won the 1971 war because all castes and religions came together: Rahul Gandhi


India won the 1971 war in just 13 days because every person, caste and religion in the country came together to defeat Pakistan, as today the country is divided and weakened, the leader said on Thursday. of Congress, Rahul Gandhi.

Addressing a rally organized by his party to remember the martyrs and veterans of the 1971 war, in which the congressional campaign for next year’s parliamentary elections was launched, Rahul recalled the contributions of his grandmother – former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi – and accused the BJP – led the government to ignore its role in celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the victory of the war.

He said his ties to Uttarakhand are self-sacrificing, and those who have not given blood for the country will never understand this.

“I remember my family’s relationship with Uttarakhand. I remember October 31 when my grandmother was martyred for this country. I remember May 21 when my father [Rajiv Gandhi] was martyred for this country. You and I have a relationship of sacrifice, ”Rahul said at the rally at Parade Ground where giant cutouts of General CDS Bipin Rawat and Indira Gandhi were erected for the rally.

“The sacrifice that thousands of families in Uttarakhand made, the same sacrifice was made by my family. Those who stand here who have lost their blood can very well understand this sacrifice. Those in the Army, Air Force or Navy can understand this well. But the family or the person who did not make this sacrifice can never endure it. “

Speaking about the 1971 war, he said such wars take a long time, but in just 13 days Pakistan bowed because India fought as one.

“America took 20 years to defeat Afghanistan. But India beat Pakistan in just 13 days. We need to understand what happened in 1971. India was united and as one. Some say the military won the battle, some say it was because of political leadership, and some say it was because of the Navy and Air Force. But it’s because every person, every caste and religion has come together and defeated Pakistan, ”he said.

“Another reason for this victory was that Pakistan was divided… East Pakistan and West Pakistan were at war and Pakistan was weak. This is the most important lesson. When India becomes one, the US 7th Fleet returns. No power can stand before India when we speak as one. What is sad is that today the country is divided and weakened, ”he said.

Accusing the government of ignoring Indira Gandhi’s role in the war, Rahul said a function in Delhi to mark the anniversary made no mention of her. “The woman who took 32 balls for the country doesn’t even have her name on the invitation card. It is because the government is afraid of the truth. This, however, doesn’t bother me because I know she gave her blood for the country, ”he said.

Alleging that the government only works for two or three industrialists, he said that demonetization and the GST are the weapons of industrialists and that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is implementing them.

“You will see, until the BJP government is removed from office in Delhi, young people in this country will not have jobs… Do not think India is getting stronger. Do not keep false notions. Helicopters, planes and tanks do not make the country stronger. The country gains strength when the people are empowered, ”he said.