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In Gorakhpur, President Kovind says ‘religion and governance go hand in hand’, praises Yogi

During his visit to Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, President Ram Nath Kovind on Saturday congratulated Governor and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on the occasion of the centenary inauguration ceremony of Gita Press as well as all the leaders and employees associated with it.

“Religion and governance go hand in hand”: President Kovind

Addressing the event, the President said, “India’s history has always been tied to religion. Our kings and warriors also followed the religion with devotion. It used to be said that religion and governance go hand in hand, the two are complementary to each other. This also applies today, Yogi ji being the example, who is a chief minister, as well as the chief priest of Gorakhnath temple, and that is a good thing.

Speaking about the event, President Kovind was also heard to say, “I was very happy to see your presence today. It is my good fortune to have had the opportunity to participate in the centenary celebrations of Gita Press. Whether it was cooperation or coincidence, I can’t say, but somewhere, I truly believe that I had to do some credit in past lives to have had the opportunity to participate in this happy ceremony. Congratulations to everyone associated with the press.”

President Kovind ‘breaks protocol’ to welcome Prime Minister ‘Athithi’ Modi

Meanwhile, on Friday, Paraunkh, a remote village in UP’s Kanpur, witnessed an unusual sight when President Ram Nath Kovind broke protocol to receive Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his hometown. In a later speech, Prime Minister Modi recalled that President Kovind had said, “I personally came to the helipad since you are an ‘Atithi (guest) from my village.’

The Prime Minister added that although he felt embarrassed by the gesture, it showed that the President embodied both constitutional and cultural values. “The president has shown as an example how the sanskar of ‘atithi devo bhava (guest is equivalent to god) is in our veins,” said Prime Minister Modi, who was on a brief visit to the State.