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CHENNAI: Unfazed by criticism for his earlier comments glorifying Sanatana Dharma, Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi doubled down on the subject again on Sunday saying that dharma is inclusive, different from religion, and has been followed even by those who do not. practice any religion.

The concept of secularism as currently practiced in the country deviates from what was envisioned in the Constitution, the governor said during the centenary celebration of Ramakrishna Mission Residential High School in Mylapore on Sunday.

In his address, Ravi recalled how Swami Vivekananda, after traveling all over the country and seeing the plight of people, said that only Bharat (India) through his Sanatana Dharma could save the world from self-destruction.

“The growth of science and technology, the industrial revolution and the communications revolution are transforming the world. These innovations have left immense powers in the hands of humans. There are several countries that even have the power to destroy the world,” he said, and stressed that only India, with Sanatana Dharma as its backbone, can save the world from these destructive forces. Speaking about the “distorted” secularism in the speech, Ravi said the country has strayed from the true meaning of the term as enshrined in the Constitution.

“In order to rise, India needs a spiritual renewal”

The Constitution stipulates that the state will not align itself with any particular religion and will not practice anti-Dharma, he added. “It was another blow (to the country), that through the 42nd Amendment to the Constitution in 1976, the word secularism was included in the preamble.

Secularism, which is defined in the Constitution and which is taught to our people and which is part of our public discourse, is different. Regarding the future of India, he said that it aims to become the “Vishwa Guru” (leader of the world) in 25 years.

Without a spiritual resurgence, the nation cannot rise, Ravi said, adding that the country now has a dynamic leader to awaken to the destiny of being the world leader by 2047. The DMK and its allies had criticized Ravi for saying that India was led by Sanatana. Dharma. Several leaders said the country was instead guided by the Constitution

“Inclusive, followed by everyone”
The governor, speaking at a school ceremony in Chennai, said Sanatana Dharma is inclusive and different from religion and has been followed even by those who do not practice any religion.