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Everybody Solar Installs Battery Backup for Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Meat Processing Plant


One Spirit, a global nonprofit collective of Oglala Lakota Indians and volunteers, with the help of Everybody Solar, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing solar power to other nonprofit organizations profit, unveiled a solar backup battery for the meat processing facility, Charging Buffalo House, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

In 2019, Everybody Solar brought an 11.6kW solar power system to Charging Buffalo House. The network was installed to help increase the sustainability of the first meat processing facility on the reserve. Before the site was commissioned, meat was processed out of state rather than on reserve, resulting in high costs and no guarantee of traditional Lakota processing by processors. Indeed, last year, during travel restrictions related to COVID-19, for months, the establishment was the only source of fresh meat for most families on the reservation.

“I’m really happy with the battery backup in our solar system,” said Bamm Brewer, manager of Charging Buffalo House. “It will help protect our meat during critical power outages in the summer, keeping our people healthy. I really think our ancestors would be proud.

Donors for the solar panel include Individual Donors, Tribal Funding, RELiON Batteries, Citizen, and Business Performance Improvement.

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