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EPA bans burning of Warm Springs Indian reservation


SEATTLE, Ore. (KTVZ) – The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 10, in coordination with the Confederate Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation, has banned all open-air burning in the reserve due to smoke from forest fires. This ban is in effect until further notice.

The burn ban applies to all exterior and agricultural burns, including campfires and recreational fires, in all areas within the outer limits of the reserve, regardless of ownership or location. tribal affiliation. Ceremonial and traditional fires are exempt from the ban on burning.

The EPA is asking residents on reservations to reduce all sources of air pollution as much as possible, including driving and idling vehicles.

Air pollution can harm your health and have long-lasting effects. Community cooperation with the ban will help those most at risk, including children, the elderly, pregnant women, people with asthma or breathing difficulties, diabetes, heart problems or compromised health. These sensitive groups should avoid outdoor exercise and minimize exposure to outdoor pollution as much as possible.

Under the most severe pollution levels, all residents should restrict their activities. To check conditions in your area, go to the AirNow Fire and Smoke map:

For the current status of the burning ban on tribal lands, please call the EPA FARR hotline at 1-800-424-4372, or visit bans-indian-reservations-id-or- et-wa # current-bans.

For burning restrictions or health advisories in areas outside of reservation limits, please contact your local air service agency, fire department, or the Department of Quality’s Oregon Smoke blog. Oregon environment:

Find resources to prepare for and help protect your health during wildfires at:


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