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Delaware Nation and Museum of Indian Culture Join Allentown in Re-Dedicating Lenape Trail | Lehigh Valley Regional News

ALLENTOWN, Pa. — Families took to the Lenape Trail at Little Lehigh Parkway on Saturday to see the first phase of a historic redevelopment project.

“I’m so excited, when we found Lenape Village we thought it was great for us to drop by,” said Courtney Renolds who drove 40 minutes Saturday morning so she and her two young boys could visit the Lenape Trail at Little Lehigh Drive.

The City of Allentown, Museum of Indian Culture, and Delaware Nation Tribal Members are redeveloping it to put more emphasis on the contributions of the Lenape people right here in Pennsylvania.

This plan is a three-phase project, with the first phase being a trail dedication and Lenape tree planting ceremony on Saturday morning.

Pat Rivera, Director of the Museum of Indian Culture, said “The Lenape Trail is part of a $973,000 project that we are working on which kicked off this campaign today.”

The following phases will focus on the development of a one acre “living village”. It will include educational stations, cooking, fishing, canoes and so many other historical elements that will showcase the Lenape people and their heritage.

“Today is a day that pays off. This trail has been in the works for some time,” said Jack Johnson, president of the Museum of Indian Culture.

According to Bart Standing Elk Cartwright, Guardian of the Delaware Nation’s East Gate Grand Council, the redevelopment of the Lenape Trail means a lot.

“It feels good to be alive and see what’s going on,” he said.

The project is expected to cost around a million dollars, if you would like to donate you can head to