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‘BJP sees reflection of Indian culture in all regional languages’: PM ends language war

Reacting to the ongoing language dispute in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) regards all Indian languages ​​as the soul of Indianness.

Addressing a meeting of BJP national bureau members in Jaipur on Friday via video conference, Prime Minister Modi said: “In recent days we have seen attempts being made to stir up controversies over languages. make people aware of this.BJP sees a reflection of Indian culture in each regional language and a link to a better future for the nation.

He added, “It was the BJP that first linked Indian culture and languages ​​with respect for the nation. In the New Education Policy (NEP), we give importance to regional languages. It shows our commitment to each regional language.”

NDA government’s 8 years devoted to balanced development of the country: PM Modi

Addressing the meeting of BJP national office officials in Jaipur via video conference, Modi called on party leaders and workers to launch a campaign to ensure that no poor and eligible beneficiary is excluded from the social protection measures of the government.

“This month, the NDA government will complete eight years. These eight years have been marked by resolutions and achievements. These eight years have been dedicated to service, good governance and the welfare of the poor,” said Prime Minister Modi.

“These eight years have been dedicated to the balanced development of the country, social justice and social security. These eight years have been dedicated to empowering mothers, daughters and sisters,” he added.

‘Hindi speakers are selling pani puri’: Tamil Nadu minister K Ponmudy reignites language row

On May 13, Tamil Nadu’s Higher Education Minister K Ponmudy sparked a huge outcry when he claimed that Hindi was a compulsory language. During a speech at a convocation at the Bharathiar University in Coimbatore, K Ponmudy affirmed that the state administration was committed to implementing a bilingual system. The DMK leader went on to explain that the two languages ​​were English – which is an international language, and Tamil – which is a local language. He said: “A lot of people say if you speak Hindi you will get jobs. Do you have jobs? ..”

“What is the need for another language? asked Ponmudy again, and presented another ideology. Tamil Nadu Education Minister said: “A person gets two doors made, one big door and another small one. When asked, he says the big door is for the cat and the small one is for the cat. rat… But the question is – When the door is already made for the cat, through which even the mouse can pass, why another…”

BJP Ravi Shankar Prasad condemned the Tamil Nadu minister’s remark and said, “It is deeply painful and regrettable. How can a minister speak like that? We all have languages. I love Tamil me- I was in charge of this state for many years. We all speak Hindi with equal pride. We also speak Bhojpuri. India is a land of great diversity.