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Bamboo cookies, honey bottles to boost Indian immunity


Biplab Kumar Deb launched bamboo cookies and bamboo honey bottles to boost immunity. Photos: Twitter

Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb on Friday launched bamboo cookies and bamboo honey bottles that will also help boost people’s immunity and livelihoods.

Deb, who also heads the departments of Health, Industry and Commerce, later said in a tweet: “On the occasion of World Bamboo Day, launched bamboo cookies and bamboo honey bottles. .

“Bamboo cookies and honey bottles will now add another feather to our cap. It will generate livelihood opportunities for many and fulfill Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Atma Nirbhar Bharat.”

After launching the bamboo cookies and honey bottles developed by the Bamboo and Cane Development Institute (BCDI), he told media that the two new products would also boost people’s immunity and livelihoods.

biscuit Biplab Kumar Deb eats bamboo cookies.

Avinav Kant, director of BCDI in Tripura, said the cookies are made from shoots of “Muli bamboo”, available in abundance in Tripura and other northeastern states.

“Bamboo Muli”, scientifically named “Melocanna Baccifera”, is rich in various vitamins and other healthy ingredients.

He said that the nutritional value of Muli bamboo being very high, cookies would be a very healthy food in this COVID-19 induced situation.

“The market value and demand for bamboo cookies and bamboo honey bottles would be very high in Indian and international markets. It would also be very beneficial for the livelihoods of a large number of people,” Avinav said. Kant to the media.

my dear Biplab Kumar Deb featuring bamboo honey bottles.

He said that, as the prime minister emphasized “the voice for the local”, the newly developed bamboo products are a great fit for the mission and vision.

The official said that the shoots of “Muli bamboo” are harvested from forest areas and are very natural and organic. The sprouts are very tasty and local people, especially the tribes, traditionally prefer and consume them in many ways.

BCDI was established in 1974 in Agartala by the Commissioner for Development (Crafts) to develop appropriate techniques for processing and preserving cane and bamboo handicrafts using appropriate chemicals and lacquers to protect them from insects, mushrooms and to disseminate these techniques among various pockets of the craft by giving hands-on demonstrations.

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