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Accused of appropriating Indian culture, Foodpanda Malaysia Apologizes for Promotional Video, Says It Celebrates Malaysia’s Cultural Diversity (VIDEO) | Life


Many have taken to social media to criticize Foodpanda Malaysia for featuring an all-Malaysian cast in a Bollywood-inspired promotional video. – Screenshot via YouTube / foodpandaMalaisie

PETALING JAYA, October 6 – Foodpanda Malaysia has apologized for its Polywood video that prompted social media users to criticize her for appropriating Indian culture.

The online food and grocery delivery platform also said it was not the brand’s internal Deepavali advertisement.

Talk to Malaysian courier, Foodpanda Malaysia Marketing Manager Vanita Menon Kris apologized for the misunderstanding regarding the Polywood video adding that she tells the story of a specific urban Malaysian household in her upcoming series of music videos.

“As such, Foodpanda would like to take this time to humbly apologize as it is never our intention to cause discomfort to our consumers as we remain committed to bringing happiness to your doorstep.”

Pollywood, the brand’s Bollywood-themed promo video featuring an all-Malaysian cast, has been criticized online for appropriating Indian culture for not having an artist of Indian descent in its featured video. line September 29.

Malaysian actresses Adibah Noor and Nadia Aqilah are also featured in the brand’s promotional video.

“The online music videos are teasers of a much larger story of the main character Seri and the day-to-day life of a three-generation household in a series that airs in October,” said Vanita.

“Featuring them in their daily lives using various Foodpanda joy hacks, multiple musical genres such as Bollywood and K-Pop to communicate the different hacks a consumer can do.”

She added that the minisodes are a celebration of the various musical influences of local Malaysian television that have transcended cultural differences over the decades.

“As a diverse and multicultural nation, we have adapted to our respective cultures and celebrated all that is uniquely Malaysian.

“The series is part of the #TakkanTakTahu brand campaign to educate customers on the best way to use the offers on the app,” she said.


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