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Actress Shweta Tiwari convicted of insulting religion as remark sparks controversy | Latest India News

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra earlier asked the Bhopal Police Commissioner to investigate the matter and take action. BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh police on Thursday night charged actress Shweta Tiwari with insulting religion and hurting religious feelings following a controversial comment she made at a press conference in Bhopal on Wednesday in the promotion of […]

Indian religion

Why are the roads named after the Mughals? The point is about despots, not religion

There were hundreds of other Indian names to choose from, but Nehru’s Congress chose to keep only the names of Mughal emperors. TopicsMughals | Jawaharlal Nehru The requisite amount of helpless fuss has been made by ignorant liberals about the apparent removal of the Abide with Me anthem from the Beating Retreat ceremony. Good. I […]

Indian religion

Is Lisa Barlow Mormon or Jewish? Religion and ethnicity of parents

Is Lisa Barlow Mormon or Jewish? Religion and ethnicity of parents: Lisa Barlow is making headlines and her name is also strewn across the web. Many internet users are looking for her and they are eager to know more about her. So you are on the right platform because in this article below you will […]

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Choosing the parts of Indian culture I like and rejecting what I don’t doesn’t make me a “coconut”

Last year, comedian Shazia Mirza did a show called Coconut, where she discussed her evolving identity as a British-Pakistani Muslim woman. It was a bold move, not just in terms of subject matter (among other themes, it explored ideas about British Asians being accused of failing to live up to preconceived notions of who they […]

Indian religion

Religion in America: Worship, gifts and church rules are changing

In recent decades, the greatest story of American religious life has been one of decline. The congregations are dwindling. Churches are closing. Religious ‘no’s are on the rise. What gets lost amid all the roundtables, reflections and investigative reports on these trends is the fact that faith communities are far from dead. As sociologist Mark […]

Indian religion

It’s the biggest religion in the world – 24/7 Wall St.

Special report January 21, 2022 10:00 a.m. The world’s major religions face an unprecedented series of challenges. According to Pew Research Center Religious Composition by Country, 2010-2050 Report, for example, 30% of the US population is not affiliated with any religion. The report also notes that “Christians are projected to grow from 78% of the […]

Indian culture

Aparna Yadav seeks example of Mulayam Singh’s blessing on Indian culture, says BJP leader

Party patriarch Samajwadi Mulayam Singh Yadav gave his blessing to his daughter-in-law Aparna Yadav who joined the BJP. It was the first meeting between them after arriving in Lucknow on Friday. Following this, the Bharatiya Janata Party informed that they have taken this step positively. Speaking about the meeting between Aparna Yadav and Mulayam Singh […]

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FSU basketball’s RayQuan Evans raised on Montana reserve

Watch: RayQuan Evans talks FSU basketball road win at Syracuse Evans scored 15 points in the Seminoles’ win at Syracuse despite the absence of Malik Osborne. FSU Sports News, Tallahassee Democrat That night, wearing that jersey, no one but Ray Quan Evans was destined to stand at the free throw line for Florida State with […]

Indian religion

The Global War on Religion | David Landrum

NOTNothing has done more to epitomize and intensify the collapse of human rights than the calamitous US-led withdrawal from Afghanistan. Destroying twenty years of diplomatic, financial, educational and military investments, it demonstrated to the world the unwillingness of Western governments, and in particular the United States, to promote and defend principles that transcend mere national […]

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Capitol Drive Loans offers payday loans in Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee, Wisconsin- The pandemic has created an environment of uncertainty and financial need, especially for people in Wisconsin who have lost their jobs and suffered pay cuts/reductions. As things slowly return to normal, individuals/families still need basic necessities, medical bills, and other urgent needs that cost money, a problem Capitol Drive Loans seeks to alleviate. […]