Indian culture

Creative sisters celebrate Indian culture in nostalgic animated videos

A young woman in a sari wearing a long braid is sitting in a beautiful garden with birds chirping and flying around her. She is reading a book and stroking a cat on her lap. A teapot awaits him on a table like Jagjit Singh’s Tumko Dekha Toh Yeh Khayaal Aaya plays in the background. […]

Indian reservation

Global Context of Indian Reservation System

A reserve or affirmative action system is not uncommon in the global community and is found in one way or another in most countries around the world, such as the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, held in 1969, argues that principles of equality sometimes oblige states to take […]

Indian culture

Penn State Indian Culture and Language Club Celebrates Diwali with Jay Sean | Way of life

Penn State’s Indian Culture and Language Club celebrated Diwali at the HUB-Robeson Center on Saturday night. Diwali – also called the Festival of Lights – is a celebration of light over darkness. It is an important festival in Southeast Asia and is celebrated by cultures all over the world. ICLC President Shashwat Shekhar said about […]

Indian culture

Diwali San Antonio lights up Hemisfair to celebrate Indian culture

Under a golden crescent moon on Saturday night, the 13th annual Diwali San Antonio festival saturated the trees, alleys and buildings of Hemisfair with rhythmic lights, traditional songs and dances and flavors of India. The “festival of lights”, organized by Anuja SA also honors the sister city relationship between San Antonio and Chennai, India, formed […]

Indian culture

Chatsworth by Pravasan Pillay – a masterful reflection of SA Indian culture

Boris PasternakRussian poet, novelist and literary translator, defined literature as “The art of discovering something extraordinary in ordinary people and of saying something extraordinary in ordinary words”. In 2018, nearly six decades after Pasternak’s death in 1960, the iconic definition of the Russian poet’s literature was brought to life by author Pravasan Pillay in Chatsworth, […]

Indian religion

Diwali and Flowers – The Auspicious Link and Its Importance in Indian Religion

Lotus flower Diwali, the festival of lights, is about to arrive, and like any other occasion or holiday, it is incomplete without flowers. Flowers are of major importance in our lives. A beautiful piece of nature that goes with everything. Various Indian gods are worshiped with different flowers in religious rituals. Flowers used at Diwali […]

Indian culture

Diwali Night event highlights the beauty of Indian culture | Arts & Culture

Bright flashes of color and loud music were on display in the Memorial Hall ballroom on the evening of October 29 as the University of Georgia Indian Student Association celebrated Diwali. Diwali is a festival that originated in India and is also called the festival of lights. The holiday is celebrated by several religions, including […]